KWACT Releases its COVID Safe Return to Play Plan

This Plan is designed to protect as far as possible all participants in Kung Fu/Wushu, their families, and the community at large from infection with Covid 19. This viral disease is highly infectious, and lethal to many in the community. The following provisions will assist in its control, so we in the Kung Fu Community may play our part.

Everyone is encouraged to keep abreast of national information on control measures, but particularly to information from the ACT Government.

Class Hygiene

  1. No spectators are allowed in classes.
    1. Parents may drop children off, but are not permitted to stay inside: they may wait outside if desired.
  2. Provide a hand cleaning station where all persons entering the class will clean their hands: all persons to clean hands with soap/sanitiser on entry and before leaving
  3. Regular hand washing with soap and water or sanitiser (20 second rule)
  4. Instructors to ensure that cleaning and sanitising will occur before and after class, and where appropriate during class. Particular attention to be paid to toilets, door handles, light switches and bench surfaces.
  5. Abide by social distancing requirements
    1. No physical contact between any people not living in the one household
    2. Minimum 1.5 m distance between all people
    3. Maximum 20 people per room, at the rate of 1 person per 4 square metres
    4. When allowed, all equipment such as focus pads to be used by only one person in a class, and cleaned/disinfected after every use.
  6. Where possible, classes will have clearly signposted separated entry and exit areas.
    1. When conducting back to back classes, when one class is finished, there will be no entry by those attending the next class until all those from the first class have left.
  7. Instructors will ensure that the following equipment forms part of their safety supplies:
    1. Hand sanitiser, disinfectant mops, microfibre cloths, gloves (rate safe) and paper towels
  8. Instructors will ensure that any chairs in the training area are at least 1.5 m from any adjacent chair.

Personal Hygiene

  1. Students and instructors encouraged to shower at home.
  2. Personal equipment not to be shared.
  3. Any coughing or sneezing to be into the elbow, with hands cleaned afterwards. Obviously no spitting, and nasal secretions to be treated as infective.


  1. All students and instructors are required to stay at home if feeling at all unwell (apart from known chronic conditions)
  2. All students and instructors to notify Club if not attending due to medical condition
  3. Forehead temperatures taken of all students and Instructors on entry; if higher than 380C, entry refused.


  1. All students and prospective students to have contact details recorded.
  2. Records kept of all students who attend any class for any period of time. These records to be made available to health authorities if anyone in the club is found to be Covid 19 positive.


  1. ALL Instructors to complete the on-line MAIA Covid-Safe certification.

  1. All Instructors to abide by the Covid Safe Martial Arts School Policy (attached).
  2. Appropriate ‘Covid Safe Martial Arts School’ signage will be displayed (attached).